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The mission of the Arkansaw Middle School is to provide a positive, supportive, challenging and rewarding learning experience for our young adults. We will enrich the academic, emotional and social skills that adolescents require to succeed in our ever-changing society. 

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Arkansaw Middle School is located approximately four miles from Durand and serves all students in grades five through eight. The fifth and sixth grade programs operate under the homeroom format, with students receiving part of their core subject instruction from their homeroom teacher, then moving as a homeroom to the other grade level teachers for the other core subjects. The core subjects include Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The seventh and eighth grade students move between different teachers for their core subjects. All students in grades five and six rotate between four exploratory classes, including Computers, Spanish, Technology Education, and Art. Students in grades seven and eight rotate between five exploratory classes, including Computers, Spanish, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Education, and Art. A teacher-advisor program is included on a daily basis for all students. The middle school has a student population of approximately 300.

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