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This page provides you with information regarding the School District of Durand. Click on each of the links to find out more.

Board of Education Access information on the School District of Durand school board members, meeting dates, and meeting minutes.
Elementary Lunch Menu
This link provides the lunch menu for students attending Caddie-Woodlawn Elementary School.
Child Find Activities The School District of Durand is required to locate, identify, and evaluate all children,
with disabilities, including children with disabilities attending private schools in the
school district, and homeless children...
DHS/AMS Lunch Menu This link provides the lunch menu for students attending Durand High School or Arkansaw Middle School.
Lunch Account Status Take the opportunity to check on the lunch account status for students.

School Performance Report

This is the annual state mandated report designed to let you know ‘what’ is happening and ‘how’ your school district is performing in a variety of areas and measurements as outlined by the state legislature.  The information provided includes both ‘academic type’ information such as testing results; factors that can affect performance such as absenteeism, dropout and suspension rates and pass/fail grades, as well as financial information, costs in areas such as instruction, transportation, pupil services and the district’s revenues.
Special Education Referral and Evaluation Procedures  
WINNS Report Successful school communities use data to help all students meet and exceed expectations. This electronic resource helps educators, parents and community members view data that is a basis for identifying areas of excellence, areas of need, alternative explanations for issues/problems, and possible strategies for improvement for the School District of Durand..



School District of Durand-District Office
604 Seventh Avenue East • Durand, WI 54736
District Phone 715-672-891
9 • District Fax 715-672-8900

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