Charley Coleman

The following article was taken from the August 20, 1880 edition of the Pepin County Courier.  It tells the story of an event which occurred  in Charles Coleman's life before that fateful time in 1881 when he and his brother, Milton, were killed by the Williams Brothers. 

Interesting enough, Alonzo "Lon" Williams also suffered a similar foot injury from an axe during that same year, or perhaps early in 1881.  Lon William's  injuries led to his being unable to work, and some theories suggest that the poverty he and his wife experienced led him to go off with his brother, Ed, to begin stealing again.  As a result of the stealing, the Maxwell/Williams brothers were wanted men, leading to the confrontation in Durand on the evening of July 10, 1881.

This article is taken verbatim from the August 20, 1880 edition of the Pepin County Courier.

This seems to be Charles Coleman's unlucky season.  Only a few days ago he fell into the fire in the blacksmith shop and burnt his face severely, and last Friday he cut his foot nearly off.  While chopping a tree down, over the river, the axe glanced and struck his left foot.  Commencing at the big toe it split that and then cut a deep gash clear across the foot.  Although not a dangerous wound it will lay him up for some time.

Note:  In retrospect, the first sentence in the article seems prophetic.