The Sea Wing Tragedy

In the early gathering twilight.

Gay and gallant as of yore,

He drove away, and we little thought,

That his last day's work was o'er.

Little dreamed we, that the morrow's sun

Would see him tempest [tost],

And that in the deadly struggle

Death would win, and he be lost.

Was it fate that he should venture,

On that boat doomed to capsize,

He whose only fear was water,

Be pinned so he could not rise?

Oh that fatal, fatal morning,

When he sailed away so brave,

Bent on seeking joy and pleasure,

Doomed to find a watery grave.

Is it right that he be taken,

In his manhood, pride and joy?

Should his mother's heart be breaking,

Weeping for her noble boy?

Should those restless feet be still

And that voice be hushed and dumb?

He has gone to God in Heaven,

We must say, Thy will be done.

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March 17, 1999


The Pepin County Courier

The Sea Wing Disaster, Frederick L. Johnson

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