The Sea Wing Tragedy

These are the 98 people who died in the Sea Wing disaster.  There names and ages are those given in
census, cemetery, church and death records.  NA indicates no age available.  Bracketed numbers refer to position in Kellogg composite photo.  NP indicates no picture.

ADAMS, Ella 14, Mamie 20, Willie 16.  Trenton, WI.  Children of Allen and Sarah Adams, cousins of  John Adams and the Ways.  Nine-year-old Myrtle stayed home. [ 72, 73, and 75, 74]

ADAMS, John 19. Hartland, WI.  Son of  James and Rebecca Adams, cousins of Ella, Mamie, and Willie.
[ 83 ]

ANDERSON, A.O. ( NA ). Belmont, N.D.  On board with fiancée Randina Olson, whom he planned to  marry   on July 16.  Coroner's inquest on his body. [ 6 ]

BEARSON, Phoebe 15.  Red Wing, MN.  Daughter of John and Betsy Bearson, the only one in Kellogg composite pictured after death.  [ 57 ]

BEHRENS, Dorothea 33, John 33.  Red Wing, MN.  Immigrants from Germany, buried in St. John's Lutheran Cemetery.  [ 9,8 ]

BLAKER, Phoebe 35, Cena 18, Delbert 15.  Red Wing, MN.  Family of William Blaker, who exonerated Captain Wethern in statement to newspapers.  [ 68,41,87 ]

BRENN, Louis 25.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of George and Catherine Brenn, was among last to be recovered at Central Point on July 16.  [ 45 ]

BROWN, Charles 19.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of  F. J. and Lucy Brown, was among first recovered after Sea Wing was partially righted on July 15. [ 42 ]

BURKHARD, Katie 20.  Hay Creek.  Daughter of Albert and Odelia Burkhard, is buried in Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Red Wing.  [ 76 ]

CARLSON, Joseph 21.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of prominent businessman and acting mayor G.A. Carlson.  [ 90 ]

CHRIST, Fred J. 22.  Red Wing, MN.  One of three saloonkeepers killed on Sea Wing, has one of most impressive monuments in Oakwood Cemetery.  [ 80 ]

CRAWFORD, Eliza J. ( NA ).  Graysville, Ohio.  Taught school in Holden, MN, not far from Red Wing.  [ 65 ]

DAILY, Katie 21.  Red Wing, MN.  Daughter of John and Kate Daily.  [ NP ]

DINSLAGE, Charles 33.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Henry and Francesca Dinslage and member of Ancient Order of United Workmen, had one of first estates brought before Probate Judge Oscar Anderson.  [ 86 ]

FISHER, Minnie 18.  Red Wing, MN.  Friend of Mary Leach, who missed the Sea Wing when it left Lake City and was shocked at huge gash on Minnie's forehead after accident.  [ 63 ]

FLYNN, Mattie ( NA ).  Trenton.  Fiancée of Frank Way, who survived, buried in Way family plot in Trenton.   [ 18 ]

FULTON, Ira 37.  Red Wing, MN.  Red Wing Pottery engineer who left his steam yacht in Lake City for repair and boarded the Sea Wing with his passenger friends for return to Red Wing.  [ 46 ]

GERKEN, Peter 45, Maria 39, Henry 15, Emil 13, Alvina 10, Amandus 7, George 5.  Red Wing, MN.  All the family drowned, buried under one headstone at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery.  [ 53, 10, and 52, 29, 1, 34, 33, 12 ]

GREEN, Eliza ( Mrs. Merritt ) 36, Ida 18.  Red Wing, MN.  Mother and daughter, among the last recovered.     [ 85, 43 ]

HARRISON, Melissa 17.  Red Wing, MN.  Daughter of George and Lucretia Harrison.  [ 11 ]

HARTMAN, George, 44.  Red Wing, MN.  Hardware dealer.  [ 44 ]

HATTERMER,  Fred, 25.  Florence Township.  Died on his twenty-fifth birthday, buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery with fiancée Annie Schneider, another Sea Wing victim.  [ 37 ]

HEMPFTLING, Mary 43, Frederick 19, Lizzie 17.  Red Wing, MN.  Family of Frederick Hempftling seen by George Diepenbrock in rear of Sea Wing just before it capsized.  Mary was Herman's aunt.  [ 31, 32, 30 ]

HEMPFTLING, Herman 24, Mary 21. Red Wing, MN.  Newlyweds, Herman was cousins to Frederick and Lizzie.  There were two Mary Hempftlings killed--Mrs. Frederick Hempftling and Mrs. Herman Hempftling. [ 55, 54 ]

HOLTON, Mabel 13.  Red Wing, MN.  Found inside the cabin.  [ 48 ]

HORWEDEL, Theodor 27.  Red Wing, MN.  At the time of the accident was awaiting fiancée's arrival by ship from Germany.  [ 82 ]

HUMPERT, Johanna 23.  Red Wing, MN.  Daughter of Christ and Sophia Humpert, buried in grave with three Schulenberg victims.  [ 59 ]

INGEBRETSON, Edward 18.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Christopher and Serena Ingebretson, listed in some reports as Hamberson and Christopherson.  [ 92 ]

INGEBRETSON, John 13.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Ole and Helga Ingebretson, was paperboy for Daily Republican.  [ NP ]

JOHNSON, Corden 25.  Trenton.  Body recovered the first day, buried in the Trenton cemetery.  [ 36 ]

JURGENSEN, Willie ( NA ).  Diamond Bluff.  Son of Danish immigrant shoemaker Hans Jurgensen, who survived the accident.  [ NP ]

KREMER, Leon ( NA ), Millie ( NA ).  Diamond Bluff.  Millie was found near Central Point on July 16.  Neither death is recorded at Pierce County Court House.  [ NP, 89 ]

LARSON, Mrs. Ed ( NA ).  Red Wing, MN.  Among first bodies recovered.  [ 25 ]

LEESON, Thomas 17.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Robert and Alice Leeson, was among first recovered.  [ 77 ]

LILLYBLAD, Gustaf Lenus 10.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of well-known grocery and clothing storekeeper Gust Lillyblad, Lenus loaded ice to earn ride on Sea Wing.  [ 84 ]

MERO, Roderic L. 51, Austin 19, Myrtle 14.  Diamond Bluff.  Farm family related by marriage to Captain Wethern, who saw father and son clinging to wreckage and thought they were battered too hard by hail to survive.  [ 51, 49, 50 ]

NELSON, Emma C.  ( NA ).  Red Wing, MN.  Worked at Berquist Drugs.  [ 66 ]

NELSON, George 29.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Frank and Caroline Nelson, was a barber.  [ 16 ]

NELSON, Mary 37.  Red Wing, MN.  Wife of Ole Nelson, lived at 613 "Plumb" Street.  [ 67 ]

NEWTON, Henery 14.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of George and Sarah Newton, was found near Central Point on July 16.  [ 23 ]

NILES, Millie 16.  Diamond Bluff.  Sister of Niles crew members, cousin of Captain Wethern, related to Mel Sparks through marriage.  All but she survived.  [ 28 ]

OLSON, Mary 16.  Red Wing, MN.  Among first bodies returned to Red Wing.  [ 24 ]

OLSON, Peter 30.  Red Wing, MN.  Inscription on gold ring he wore provided only positive identification.  The St. Paul Dispatch of July 17, 1890,  reported his finger amputated to get the ring off, while the Pioneer Press said the ring was cut off.  [ 47 ]

OLSON, Randina 24.  Red Wing, MN.  On board with fiancée A. O. Anderson, whom she planned to marry July 16, the day her body was found.  [ 7 ]

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Martin 26.  Welch, MN.  Honored in poem by anonymous friend who wrote Martin's only fear was of water.  [ 4 ]

OSKEY, Oren 17.  Red Wing, MN.  Jumped off barge Jim Grant with friend Charles Lidberg, who survived.  Oskey wore a life preserver.  [ 5 ]

PALMER, Alice ( NA ), Nettie ( NA ).  Trenton.  Alice found after guardsmen chopped holes in steamer deck to cabin, Nettie after Sea Wing was righted on July 14.  [ 56, 20 ]

PERSIG, Julia 29, Anna 26.  Hay Creek.  Sisters aboard the steamer with me friends, Julia identified by articles on body, among last recovered.  [ 70, 71 ]

PETERSON, Charles 16.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Charles and Wilda Peterson, body surfaced morning of July 16.  [ 17 ]

PETERSON, Knute 30.  Red Wing, MN.  Found with life preserver and watch stopped at 11:50, on July 20 was to marry a Miss Johnson, so " crazed with grief " at his death that " permanent insnity " was feared.  [ 22 and 81 ]

REHDER, Rosa 11, Henry 8. Red Wing, MN. Children of C. W. and Anna Rehder.  Henry was found the first day.  Rosa was the last of the 98 recovered.  [ NP, 13 ]

SCHERF, Martin 23. Hay Creek.  Son of Anton Scherf, who recovered, repaired, and wore Martin's watch for years.  Martin was buried in expensive ($45) coffin.  [ 60 ]

SCHERF, Mary 36, Hattie 16. Red Wing, MN.  Family of saloonkeeper Fred Scherf, who survived. [ 39, 40 ]

SCHNEIDER, Annie 19.  Red Wing, MN.  Daughter of Adam and Rosa Schneider, was buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery with fiancée Fred Hattemer.  [ 38 ]

SCHOEFFLER, John ( NA ), Kate ( NA ), John, Jr., ( NA ), Frederick ( NA ).  Red Wing, MN.  All John's Schoeffler's second family drowned, Kate found holding her infant son.  William, son of first marriage, was left at home.  [ 58, 58, 79, 27 ]

SCHULENBERG, Sophia 40, Henry 11, Minna 7.  Red Wing, MN.  Family of Christ Schulenberg, Sophia found in first hours after accident, Henry and Minna on July 16.  [ NP ]

SEAVERS, Fred 50, Ida 16.  Red Wing, MN.  Ida was daughter of blacksmith Fred Seavers, who was the third recovered from cabin on July 14. Son George, 17, floated in life preserver with Boze Adams and survived.  [ 78, 26 ]

SKOGLUND, Mary 17.  Red Wing, MN.  Found July 16 and buried at Stockholm, WI.  [ 64 ]

SMITH, Florence 28.  Diamond Bluff.  Buried in Diamond Bluff Cemetery not far from Mel Sparks.  [ 35 ]

STAIGER, Annie 20, Frances 18.  Florence Township.  Daughters of John and Victoria Staiger, sisters of seven-year-old Mathilda who stayed home; on board with survivors Frank Lampman and Ed Stevens, who tried to save them.  Wake at Haustein residence in Red Wing.  [ 62, 61 ]

STEFFENSON, Henry 18.  Red Wing, MN.  Son of Ole Steffenson.  [ NP ]

STROPE, John F.  14.  Red Wing, MN.  Also listed at Stroup, Straub, father as Stroupe.  [ 19 ]

VIETHS,  Rikka 10.  Red Wing, MN.  Her father Kasper identified her body at the Red Wing levee; listed at St. John's Lutheran Church as Friedrika.  [ 21 ]

WAY, Adda 21, Ednah 14.  Trenton.  Daughters of Benjamin Way, who closed the Trenton post office and sold his store after their death, cousins of the Adams victims.  Brother Frank survived.  [ 69, 88 ]

WETHERN, Nellie 31, Perley 8.  Diamond Bluff.  Wife and son of Captain David Wethern, co-owner and pilot of the Sea Wing, who with son Roy survived.  [ 2, 3 ]

WILSON, James ( NA ).  Trenton.  Among the last of the bodies recovered at Central Point.  [ 15 ]

WINTER, Bertha 13.  Red Wing, MN.  Found near a hole chopped in the decking, taken ashore with face covered with piece of Sea Wing flag.  [ 14 ]

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Those Who Survived

L. S. Bayrell 

Thomas Callisehan
Emma Boner
John Boner
W. Boner

Diamond Bluff
E. P. Burke
Francis P. Gartland
Mrs. Hill
Daughter of Mrs. Hill
Son of Mrs. Hill
Charles Hope 
Frank Hope
Henry Hope
Charles Neil
Edmond Niles
Harry Niles
Will Niles
Jesse Sparks
Marion L. Sparks
Mrs. Ellie Sparks
Warren Sparks
William Sparks 
Capt. David Niles Wethern
Roy Wethern


Lake City
Robert Adams 
Will Carver
Henry Mabey
Theodore Minder

Frank C. Lampman
Frank Mero
Ed Stevens

Prairie Island
Peter Heckstrom

Red Wing
Axel Ake
John Ammon
John Anderberg
Arthur Anderson
Jacob Appenzeller
Ernest Axelson
Guy Bartron
Aggie Bartron
L. D. Bayrell
Gust Beckmark
Oscar Berlin
William Blaker
Oscar Bowman
Albert Carlstrom
Charles Carroll
Mary Casey 
Frederick Chellstrom
Robert Chellstrom
George H. Cook

Red Wing
( cont. )
E. T. Danielson
Richard Dannum
Will W. DeKay
George Diepenbrock,   Jr.
George Eisenbrand
Robert Eisenbrand
W. J. Eisenbrand
Charles Fisher
Oscar Forsell
Vic Freeman
John Gilbertson
George Hawkins
George Hawkins, Jr.
Charles Heidenreich
Hugo Herder
C. D. Jacoby
Albert Johnson
C. A. Johnson
R. F. Johnson
Theodore Johnson
Theodore F. Kempe
Will Kenney
Alfred Kolberg
Alfred Kronberg
Charles Kronberg
George Landeck
Charles A. Lidberg
Henry Luft
Peter Malm
Ed E. Martinson
Eddie Mehrkens
Andrew Monson
E. D. Morris
Red Wing
      ( cont. )
Charles Mueller
Axel Nelson
Hendrick Nelson
August Olson
Jens Oss
William Patterson
Frank Perkins
William Plaas
Samuel H. Purdy
William Purdy
John Qual
George Reeve
Henry Rehder
Ludwig Rock
Claus Sandstrom
Ed Schenach
Fred Scherf
Herman Seastrand
George Seavers
N. K. Simmons 
Otto Simon
George Smith
C. S. Sultzer
George Thompson
Charles Truttman
Sherman Ward
James Webb

Frances Palmer
Perley Palmer
Andrew Scriber
Frank Way


Resource:  The Sea Wing Disaster, Frederick L. Johnson