Gold IN Abundance In Pepin County, 1905

There have been many Gold Rush’s through out time, such as, the California Gold Rush, the Alaska Gold Rush, the San Francisco, and many more…  But, have you ever heard of the Pepin County Gold Rush of 1905?   


In Pepin County, in 1905, rumors began that there were vast amounts of flour gold, north and west of the Pepin village.  But, it was unsure whether there was a large enough amount to be worth anything.  Yet, the cold whether and deep snow was a problem, the ground was too hard and it was too cold to mine.


John Prifroch, of St. Paul, was in the area visiting Mr. Peters, heard of the rumors and decided to gather some rocks from a near by spring and take it to St. Paul to have it assayed.  He found out that the small amount of rock that he gathered was worth $5.25 in gold, to the ton.  Needless to say that Mr. Peters was very pleased to know that he had gold near his home.  


Soon after, they had the gravel and stone analyzed and came to find that there was more than plenty of gold in the Pepin area.  The people in that area soon after, learned that they have been reaping their crops in fields that have as much gold as any major find in the United States.  

Later that fall, there was a 228 ft. water well drilled on the Johnson farm, about 5 miles from Pepin.  All of the dirt and materials brought up from digging the well was dumped into a pile, and a few weeks later, it was examined by a miner.  The miner then bought a portion of the farm for $500 and claimed that there was $900 in gold, to the ton, on the farm.

The Pepin County Gold Rush of 1905 was a very exciting time for the people of little Pepin County.  the gold that they found at that time was very helpful to those who found any.




Created By: Lindsey Klatt

Sources By: Pepin County Courier, 1905