The Prindles

Miles Durand Prindle, the founder of Durand, was born at Derby, Connecticut, on September 16th, 1835. In 1855, he left his home state and ventured off to Illinois, and then on June 27th came to live in the Durand area. In that year, at the age of 21, he had the city of Durand platted, and gave the town his middle name.

On May 8, 1860, he was married Ada Miranda Ide.  They met while she was visiting her sister at the home of Fred Prindle. Mrs. Prindle was born on January 8, 1842 in Barnston, Lower Canada. She moved to Mondovi in 1857 where she had taken up teaching with her sister.


  Soon after moving to Durand, Miles Prindle built the first general store with the help of Charles Billings. He also ran many stage routes and in 1856, he built the "Dutch Lady." In the 60's he built a steamboat and named the boat after his only child "Idell Prindle" who had died at the age of five from pneumonia.

This vase was donated by Mrs. Prindle to the Durand Public Library

While Mr. Prindle was occupied with his business, Mrs. Prindle was very busy with her own activities. She was involved with the younger generations and helped organized the Pilgrim Congregational Church in 1874. She was active in the Sunday School, where she was the superintendent for 15 years. She also was the president of the Ladies' Aid Society and was involved in all these church activities until her death.

Mr. and Mrs. Prindle were very enlightening people. Mrs. Prindle wasn't the only one who enjoy helping the people. Mr. Prindle was always ready to lend a helping hand.  They opened the Prindle Inn in 1882, which was open to the public. This hotel, for a period of time, was run by Mrs. Prindle. In 1892, Mr. Prindle returned home and resumed the management of the Inn. Mr. and Mrs. Prindle had a big impact on this community helping form the community of today.

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