Visual Communications From Then To NOW

By:Luke J.

From the early times, when newspapers first started, visual communication, was not quite up to date, as
Newapers are Today.

The Early News Paper consisted of mainly hand drawn photos, 
rather than photos taken by a camera.
From the time that news papers started, news paper ads used a certain kind of text that looked very western like, and the main reason for that was because the type of text fit the type of era that poeple lived in.  A western time and place.  Now newspapers use text called CourierOr Times which are two basic types of text that most type writing machines type in. 
     Because earlier newspaper publishers didn't have cameras or since they were so large and difficult to carry all over the place, most pictures that were put into newspapers were usually hand drawn, and instead of computers making Personal Ads for Personal buisnesses, a person would draw the ads by hand then have them put into the newspapers.  It was more difficult in the earlier times of newspapers, to use visual communications that really CAUGHT the readers Eye.