A historical look at an early newspaper in Eau Claire.


    The first paper in Eau Claire was titled the Eau Claire Times, in 1850.  This paper was published by a man named N. B. Spencer.  Spencer was a witty, intelligent man who I am informed, loved to party.  He would go out on the town and actually jeopardize his printing business. Selway and Winegar who published the paper after Spencer went on to publish the Durand Times.                                                                                                                                                                   


    The editor in charge when Spencer was missing in action, put out a poster advertising for anyone who had information on his whereabouts. It read:

"strayed from the subscriber June 3rd from the office of the Times, a young man, medium height, sandy hair, clean shaven, fair complexion, vivacious, a printer and editor by profession and liable to betray his calling-might be mistaken for a railroad president or general agent for a life insurance company, when last seen he wore a dark blue suit and negligee shirt that buttoned in front and had seven dollars and twenty-three cents in his left hand trouser pocket.  His watch and diamonds were deposited in the bank.  His return to the Times office will lead to his recovery and will be liberally rewarded."


Designed By Bud Keeler